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Hey, great to see you again and welcome to our new website. We know it’s been a long time coming, but we have refreshed our site with plenty of great new features that we hope you will love.

Not only does our site have a great new look and feel, but there is added information that we think you will like. We now have our full range of products online, including our NEW Stylist collection, and we’ve even added some of the fragrance notes for all of our products because we know it’s difficult to smell through a screen. You’ll also find lots of video tutorials on the ‘how to use’ page to help you get the look for that perfect braid or perfectly un-done waves.

If you’ve found a product you love, like Rose Gold or Sweetie and you’re not sure which retailers stock it? Simple, just click ‘where to buy’ and you’ll be directed to exactly which retailers around Australia have that product.

So what’re you waiting for, get browsing!


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